Christmosh Wrapped Up


Mannequin Republic would like to thank everyone who came out to be part of the awesome Christmosh event, featuring our very own Bayharbour on an epic line up, including Colossus, Jack The Stripper, Tomb Of Doom, First Sight, Deadlights, Apate and The Name Of A Ghost.

Much thanks to The Lab in Woolloongabba for providing the venue and putting on the event on December 20, marking their final show of 2015.  Of course it wouldn’t have been any fun without all you fanatics and Bayharbour faithful who came out to chuck a Christmas mosh with us.

In case you missed it, you can get a little taste of what went down from this cool little video clip put out by The Lab, featuring highlights from all the acts involved on the show, which can be seen on Facebook right now at

We’re sure you’ll be seeing much more from Bayharbour and our other great Mannequin Republic acts at The Lab in the near future.

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