Blair On Fearcast


Fans of A Breach Of Silence, make sure you check out FearCast episode 34 on the FYFC Podcast network for an insanely good interview with the band’s bassist and vocalist, Blair Layt.

Blair is interviewed by the show hosts, Fear Innes and Razarback Barton, plus special guest host Ray from The Naked Porch Podcast.  On the show, Blair talks about road stories from touring with A Breach Of Silence, working on the upcoming new album and several off the well topics that are not safe for work.

The interview goes on for over an hour, so sit back, relax and enjoy the madness of Blair on the air with the FearCast gang by going to…/.

Massive thanks to the hosts of FearCast, FYFC Podcasts out of Canada and their genuine enthusiasm for A Breach Of Silence.  We encourage all of you to check them out at

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