Christmosh Wrapped Up


Much thanks to all those who came out to the second ever Christmosh show held on December 12 at The Lab in Woolloongabba, where Mannequin Republic’s own Bayharbour took the stage along with a heap of other great hardcore and metal acts.

It’s always a nice time of year to have a jump around in the pit to some particularly heavy music and Bayharbour were stoked to be included in the Christmosh line-up alongside Colossus, Jack The Stripper, Tomb Of Doom, First Sight, Deadlights, Apate and The Name Of A Ghost.

Our thanks to all the kids who came out to party, to the venue at to the season for giving us a few days off from work and school to enjoy life and throw down.  Big things ahead for 2016 and we hope to see you all again soon.

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