The Intern Reviews


So, the boss has commissioned me to write some reviews of our managed bands.  The catch?  I only get 100 words or less.  Thanks man.

A Breach of Silence, The Brightside, 18th October 2015.

ABOS have, and always will be, a cut above any other band playing the same stage.  Taking the stage with confidence and grace of a band that was more than earned their place supporting Australian metalcore pioneers I Killed The Prom Queen, Breach blasted, riffed, and chugged their way through a quick 30 minute set of bangers from their latest release “The Darkest Road”, with a dose of fan service by closing their set with “There Will Be Blood.”

Blair continues to shame every male vocalist in the country with his Asgardian pipes (and hair, let’s be real).

Final Word Count: 97

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