Probably Hate Crowd Funding


A Breach Of Silence’s controversial crowd funding initiative has turned a lot of heads for those who follow the band and also those in the media.  Although many of the more conservative elements in underground music are skeptical of schemes like crowd funding, when it works, it’s hard to say no.

Recently, one of the rising powers in Australia’s heavy music media, I Probably Hate Your Band, has taken an in depth look at A Breach of Silence’s efforts to get back to the USA with a very unusual offer.

The band had decided to auction a special prize entitled “your face, my ass” in which the winner of the bid would have their face tattooed on a member of the band’s back side.  The offering raised a lot of eyebrows, including those of staff writer Thall, who penned the article.

You can read the full thing by going to and checking it out for yourself.

Also, make sure you explore the I Probably Hate Your Band website for other great articles on Mannequin Republic bands and even a few gems written by our managing director, Tom Byrnes.

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