Doug Clarke Still Rocks


A quick shout out and update on a member of the Mannequin Republic extended family, Doug Clarke, who is busy at work with his own production and engineering company, appropriately called Doug Clarke Productions.

As many may remember, Doug was formerly on guitars for Mannequin Republic hardcore outfit Bayharbour, before stepping down to pursue his goal with mastering and producing music.  Doug did much work on the recording and final production for Bayharbour during his time with the band, including their much acclaimed Reawaken EP as well as their latest effort in the “False Fortunes” single.

Have a look at what Doug has been up to by going to his official website at and hear some of his other great work with the likes of Skies Collide, Sun Heights, First Sight and El Monstro.

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  1. Doug is the new house engineer at One Flight Up Recording Studios in Sydney.

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