A Loud Review


A Breach Of Silence’s The Darkest Road album has been stirring the hearts of fans and critics alike since its release over a year ago.  In another recently uncovered review, the album receives more praise from media outlet Loud Online.

In a methodical and detailed piece written by James Birkin, the album is broken down track by track and analysed in great depth.  No punches are pulled and The Darkest Road takes a whopping 86% overall score.

You can read the article in full by going to http://www.loudmag.com.au/content/a-breach-of-silence-the-darkest-road.  Major thanks to James and the crew at Loud Online for continuously putting out a quality product and a great insight into the heavy music scene in Australia.  Anyone who wants to know more about great metal, hardcore and alternative rock bands, should check them out.

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