Vultures On InsaniTV


The music of A Breach Of Silence continues to spread as the success of their latest music video for the track “Vultures” has been featured on yet another media outlet.

This time, the clip has popped up on the July edition of InsaniTV, episode 76, which can be seen for free right now on YouTube.  Have a look by going to

You can catch “Vultures” at the 5:34 mark, but stick around to catch some other great metal and heavy music acts also featured on the show, including Segression, Cave Of Swimmers, Keychain, Recollections, Hollow World, and The Apprehended.

Many thanks to the find folks at InsaniTV for including A Breach of Silence on their latest edition of the show and we encourage all of you to check them out today and see the awesome work they do promoting heavy music around the world.

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