This Fiasco Final Show


Major thanks to everyone who came out to see This Fiasco at their farewell show on June 20.  The band went out in style as the headlining act for a special all ages showcase at Melbourne’s most well known alternative music venue, Musicland.

Special thanks to Musicland in Fawkner for hosting the event and Burn City Booking for bringing it together.  There was a great line up of bands playing with This Fiasco, including Pridelands, To Light Atlantis, Autumn In Alaska, Fail The Abstract and No! Not The Bees.

By all accounts it was an awesome show and we here at Mannequin Republic are proud to see such a fitting send off for one of Melbourne’s most talented post-hardcore groups, This Fiasco.

For those of you who missed it, you can thank your lucky stars that killer photographer Andrew Bromley was on the scene and took some excellent shots of the event.  You can check out the photo roll on Facebook at

Major props to Andrew and his camera work.  Make sure you give him a “like.”

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