Ransome Make Guitar World


Any guitarist knows that when it comes to guitar magazines, Guitar World is at the top of the list.  Finally, only a few short weeks after the band’s final performance, Road To Ransome have made it into Guitar World.  For all the wrong reasons.

The clip that finally put Road To Ransome in the mainstream music press was a 30 second out take from the band’s “Nightmare” music video from the Animus album which features guitarist Nathan Hibbot missing a guitar spin, sending his axe flying into the amp stack.

Fans of Road To Ransome have been watching and re-watching this clip for over a year and now, thanks to the recent article by Guitar World writer Damian Fanelli, the whole world can enjoy this epic fail.

Make sure you check out the article right now on Guitar World’s website at http://www.guitarworld.com/behold-epic-slow-motion-guitar-swing-fail-video.

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