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Mystery Guitarist Trinatyde Minute

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


For those who missed the sneak peak of Trinatyde’s new guitarist, we suggest they go to YouTube and check out the June 30th edition of the Trinatyde Minute, for some not-so-helpful insight on what the band has in store.

See guitarist Matt and drummer OJ as they attempt to get answers out of their new mystery musician who puts them off with his best Vincent Price imitation.

Get over to YouTube and see what the boys have put together for their special edition of the Trinatyde Minute at… more...

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Bayharbour Release Surprise Single

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Bayharbour have been taking some time out behind the scenes to regroup and recover after a massive string of shows in mid-2015, playing alongside several of the biggest international acts to come to Australia so far this year.

During their downtime, the band decided to write and record a brand new single, which they released to the public on August 16 along with a lyric video produced exclusively for YouTube.

The new track is called “False Fortunes” and marks another turning point in the band’s career as they continue to play with mainstream international acts like Chelsea Grin as well as headline their own shows.

“False Fortunes” was recorded and mixed by Doug Clarke at Hunting Ground Studios, before being mastered by Buster Odeholm.  The video is courtesy of Eklipse Media.

You can catch this brand new clip right now by going to YouTube at and seeing what the … more...

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Breach On Bigsound

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


In the final wave of band announcements for this year’s massive Bigsound event in Brisbane, Mannequin Republic is stoked to have our very own A Breach Of Silence called up for one of the main performance slots.

Chosen by demand from industry insiders, the invitation has further cemented A Breach Of Silence as one of the premier acts in Australia, with their unique sound appealing to underground music enthusiasts as well as crossing over to mainstream audiences.

A Breach Of Silence will perform the featured spot on opening night of Bigsound, Wednesday September 9, at Crowbar (243 Brunswick Street) in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.  Doors open at 8:00 pm and A Breach of Silence are scheduled for the 10:40 pm time slot.

Make sure you check them out, along with In Death, Hadal Maw, Witchgrinder and Jack The Stripper.  Tickets are available through OzTix.

Bigsound is the premier music industry … more...

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Ravi Talks To The Dead

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


As Paradise Falls vocalist and frontman Ravi Sherwell recently sat down for an interview during the band’s recent headlining tour of New Zealand at the end of June.  The homegrown Kiwi blog/zine Music Is Dead got ahold of Ravi and took away some very interesting insight on the Save Yourself EP.

In the interview Ravi goes over his mental attitude during the writing process, becoming a more positive person and the message he wants to get across in the music.  There is a lot of discussion on mental health awareness and suicide prevention, a topic that has been a big concern for many of us recently in Australia.

You can read the full article on the Music Is Dead website at and go through it yourself.  Whether your a fan of As Paradise Falls or interested in the thought process behind the writing process, it’s a good read.  Check … more...

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Terrific Show At Triffid

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


On behalf of the band, Mannequin Republic would like to thank everyone who came out to see A Breach Of Silence headline the epic May 22 show at The Triffid in Brisbane’s Newstead area.

After an unforeseen cancellation for their last scheduled appearance, the band had a lot of making up to do and by all accounts the delivered in force with one of the best A Breach Of Silence shows ever seen in Brisbane.

Major thanks to the venue, who have a first rate facility which is a lot of fun to play.  Mad props to all the bands who took the stage for this gig, including Free Thought, Weightless In Orbit and First Sight.

Great crowd and powerful atmosphere that night.  We hope to bring A Breach Of Silence back to you very soon.… more...

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