SF Media Take The Falls


Rising stars in the deathcore and hardcore music scene, As Paradise Falls, have signed on with Australian based heavy music promotional company SF Media.  SF Media recently added a touring arm to their long list of services and reached an agreement with As Paradise Falls as their first band to the new initiative.

This announcement comes hot off the heels of the band’s signing with Lafayette Agency in the USA.  Mannequin Republic is pleased to announce this new partnership, which will push As Paradise Falls to more shows across Australia so that our local fans can see them up close before making the big leap to the USA.

Followers of As Paradise Falls and other Mannequin Republic bands should already be familiar with the fine work done by SF Media on their website, http://www.sfmedia.com.au, which routinely features articles on our talent roster.

For more details, check out http://www.sfmedia.com.au or contact SF Media owner Robyn Morrison at [email protected] or Megan Milner at [email protected] for tour information on As Paradise Falls.

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