Paradise Sign On With Lafayette

as paradise falls

Brisbane’s rising stars of the deathcore and hardcore world, As Paradise Falls, have made another giant leap forward with their official signing to American touring group, Lafayette Agency.

Mannequin Republic is pleased to announce to partnership between Lafayette Agency and our very own As Paradise Falls with the move bringing the band one step closer to international exposure with potential tours of the United States already in negotiation.

Lafayette Agency is run out of Fredericksburg, Virginia and specialises in bringing up and coming young talent from across the world to the USA.  Hardcore fans of Mannequin Republic bands may already be aware of their work after organising a great string of shows for another one of our bands, A Breach Of Silence, who toured from coast to coast in November 2014 with Drowning Pool.

As Paradise Falls will be working directly with company owner Tony Wilson and any American bookings can be made through him at [email protected].  For more information, check out Lafayette Agency on Facebook at

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