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Probably one of Australia’s best known underground music venues is Melbourne’s Musicland.  Punk, hardcore, metal and other heavy bands who flock to the bright light’s of Melbourne always end up at Musicland.  Over the past several years one of the venue’s premier acts has been Mannequin Republic’s own This Fiasco.

Fanatics not lucky enough to have experience a live This Fiasco show at Musicland may feel they’ve been missing, but fear not, for these post-hardcore cuties have been captured on a series of live clips now available on YouTube.

This Fiasco’s first gig of 2015 was an epic one, headlining a great crowd at the infamous Musicland, alongside Danger! Earthquake!, To Light Atlantis, No! Not The Bees!, Raise Atlantis and Attack At Greenwood.  Check out these 3 awesome live clips to see the action.

Clip 1:
Clip 2:
Clip 3:

Special Thanks to videographer and YouTuber Michael Dixon for going the extra mile in filming and posting these great clips and bringing us all closer to the magic of Musicland and This Fiasco.  You can see heaps more of his work at

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