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A Breach Of Silence have been winning over a whole new set of fans since their tour of the USA with heavy music superstars Drowning Pool and their subsequent return to Australia for a continuation tour for their latest album, The Darkest Road.

If you have not made the effort to see A Breach Of Silence live, you are missing out on the rise of Australia’s next big thing and the mad party which they bring to the table every night they play.

Several of A Breach Of Silence’s followers have recorded some sweet live clips of the band performing and two recently captured the same track, “There Will Be Blood” at two separate events.

Check out this quality clip of the band in Destin, Florida on October 23, 2014, early on in the Unlucky 13 Tour.  Captured by YouTuber Superemomax, you can see it right now at

You can also see another great clip he recently posted from the same show of the track “Not Forsaken” by going to

Another crazy clip taken of A Breach Of Silence was posted recently on YouTube by Andrew Detenon from the band’s album launch premier in Brisbane from the Valentine’s Day 2015 show at The New Globe Theatre.  Super loud and out of control, see what A Breach of Silence are like live at

Massive thanks to all the A Breach Of Silence fanatics out there who show up, throw down and go the extra mile by making live videos, writing a review online or even picking up a t-shirt.  You’re the ones who keep the party going.

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