The Darkest Studio Diary


Mannequin Republic’s own A Breach Of Silence released one of the most heralded albums of 2014 in The Darkest Road on Eclipse Records.  But, before it was released to the public and to critical acclaim across several continents, there was a lot of work that went into making the band’s second full length album.

Courtesy of Eclipse Records, the band has released a special 3 minute studio diary to give you fanatics a glimpse behind the scenes of The Darkest Road, with short interviews with Mat Cosgrove, Blair Layt, Rhys Flannery and Kerrod Dabelstein on how everything came together.

The recording was done locally in Brisbane, Queensland Australia under the supervision of  Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd, who were flown in specially to take control of the studio.

We encourage all of you to check out the complete studio diary on YouTube at  Like, comment, share and enjoy the A Breach Of Silence Experience.

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