Trinatyde On InsaniTV


Brisbane’s local metal heroes, Trinatyde, were recently featured on an edition of online music video show InsaniTV, where their new single “Death Plunge” was the first video on the playlist.

The band also did a special introduction that opened the show, with Dan, Matt, Richard, Jay and Andrew having a bit of fun presenting the title sequence.

InsaniTV has been putting together music video highlights of metal and heavy bands from around the world since 2012 and it was an excellent opportunity to have Trinatyde included on episode number 68, released to the public on January 29.

We encourage all of you across Australia to check out what they get up to and the crazy clips they feature on their network by going to their official YouTube Page at to see Trinatyde in action.

Keep up to date with all InsaniTV does by going to their website at

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