Reviews Keep Breaching


Brisbane’s own A Breach Of Silence are still getting in the reviews for their second full length album, The Darkest Road, in this it’s fifth month after being released on Eclipse Records. gave the project a glowing review in an article written by Ben G and Jeremy Daniel, praising both the raw aggression and technical prowess of the band.  You can read the full article at

Metal Addict’s Vinterd posted similar sentiments in a quick review, proclaiming the album “has one of the greatest sounds I’ve ever heard.”  You can read the full article at

Finally, Get Exposed Music threw into the mix with their review from owner Brian Campbell, claiming The Darkest Road “rife with unrelenting monsters and beastly stomping thrashers that rarely, if ever, take their foot off the gas.”  You can read the full article at

Stick around for more news and reviews regarding the next big thing in heavy music, A Breach Of Silence.

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