December To Remember


Mannequin Republic would like to thank the event organisers and presenters at The Brightside in Brisbane for hosting two of our bands over the holiday season.  Good times were had by all and we are always thrilled to party with the local scene kids in The Valley.

Road To Ransome were invited to headline the 666Mas Christmas show on December 20, with all the holiday cheer you would expect from an event involving Brisbane’s favourite scene band, along with Countdown To Armageddon, She Cried Wolf and When Heroes Fall.

As Paradise Falls took over the next week as they played alongside Aversion’s Crown on December 28 in a special school yard theme night, with some of the heaviest bands around town, including A Night In Texas and Sedation.

Keep your eye on the Mannequin Republic event page for more shows featuring Road To Ransome and As Paradise Falls coming to a venue near you!

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