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The Darkest Road by Brisbane based heavy band A Breach Of Silence has been turning heads since its release in early October of 2014.  Stunned and intrigued by the original sound, media outlets across Australia, the United States and the world have been praising the second full length release by A Breach Of Silence.  Now, in the new year, writers are looking back and placing The Darkest Road in last year’s top album spots.

Metal music blog Bro-Metal announced that A Breach Of Silence’s The Darkest Road ranked number 1 as the overall best heavy album of 2014 in their “Top 50 Of 2014” article.  Topping an all-star top ten, A Breach Of Silence came out over the likes of Slipknot, Behemoth, Machine Head, Architects and many more.  Read it in full at

Metal Addicts gave the album a very solid number 7 in their article “Top Ten Of 2014” in a list compiled by fan votes and personal favourites of the writer.  Excellent list, which can be seen right now at

In another outstanding victory, The Darkest Road claimed the number 1 spot once again in Head Banger Review’s “Top 25 Albums Of 2014”, out ranking a host of underground metal giants.  You can see all 25 albums at

Don’t miss out on experiencing what music critics around the world are labeling as the top heavy music album of 2014, get over to iTunes right now and download your own copy of The Darkest Road at

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