Beers With The Clock Tower


Save The Clock Tower recently took a trip around the Australian mainland to promote their new full length album Wasteland, which has brought the Tasmanian mainstay hardcore act a new level of attention across the rest of the country.

During their time in Sydney they were invited to sit down with radio personality and presenter Craig Priest as part of his personal side project “Beers With The Band.”  If you are not familiar with “Beers With The Band”, it is one of the more unique and intimate interview segments in Australia today.

You can check out Save The Clock Tower on “Beers With The Band” right now on the shows YouTube channel at

In the interview Save The Clock Tower covers some behind the scenes aspects of their latest music video “These Diseases”, some awkward moments on stage, playing the Breath Of Life Festival and what it’s like living in Tassie.

Special thanks to Craig Priest for making the interview happen and all the awesome work he does with “Beers With The Band.”  You can check out more of his interviews on YouTube, along with Save The Clock Tower he has also recorded with I Killed The Prom Queen, House Vs. Hurricane, Jonny Craig and Dream On Dreamer just to name a few, all on his official YouTube page.

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