Massive Metal United


Massive thanks to everyone who took part in the Metal United Down Under event across Australia and specically in Indooroopilly where Mannequin Republic’s own Trinatyde took the stage along with 10 other awesome local metal bands.

Final tallies put attendance for the day long event at nearly 300 people in and out that day and we were stoked to have Trindatyde as part of such a monumental event for homegrown Aussie metal.

Massive thanks to all the fans who turned out to see Trinatyde on stage and to the fine folks at the Indooroopilly Hotel for hosting the show on November 29 as well as Metal Roos and Deathmas Promotions for organizing the event.

Another major shout out to Josh Spencer from Brisbane based metal band Misguided who took over guitar playing duties for Richard Bayliss on the night.  He did a stellar job.

If you were unable to make it to the Indooroopilly Hotel for the Metal United event, you can relive it in fast forward thanks to a killer timelapse video produced and recorded by Gethin Hill Photography posted on his official Facebook page at  You can see Trinatyde rocking out on stage at the 1:10 mark on the video.

Cheers to everyone who made it such an incredible night and we look forward to bringing you much more from Trinatyde in the near future.

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