Indonesia Taken By The Tyde


On behalf of Trinatyde, Mannequin Republic would like to thank all our new fans and supporters in Indonesia for hosting Trinatyde as they made their debut international tour across the country over October.

Trinatyde had the time of their lives traveling through Jakarta, Bekasi, Mantap, Cianjur, Bandung, Purwokerto, Jogjakarta and Madiun.  The venues and fans were amazing and we can safely say the metal scene is alive and well in Indonesia.

Massive thanks to Tutur Wicaksono of First Blast Records for making this tour happen and taking care of the band on the ground.  This tour never would have happened without their effort and support.  You can learn more about First Blast Records at

And we can not say thank you enough to the fans of heavy music in Indonesia who came out to rock out with Trinatyde and made the whole trip worth it.

Trinatyde will be back in action in Australia shortly, so keep your eye on the events page for more details.

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