Something New To Save


Rumours are swirling around the possibility of a new recording project currently in the works by Launceston’s favourite sons, Save The Clock Tower, who have reportedly been making appearances in and out of local recording studios since the release of their debut album Wasteland earlier in 2014.

With the heavy anticipation from Wasteland and the long wait from the album’s announcement and it’s eventual release on Bullet Tooth Records in America and Sony/Faction in Australia, a surprise recording would surely be a delight to fans around the world.

Details on the project are still unclear, but Save The Clock Tower are well renowned for their work ethic and perfectionism in releasing new music, so you can be sure whatever comes out will be worthy of the band.

Don’t forget Save The Clock Tower are throwing a huge hardcore Christmas Eve party on Wednesday December 24 in Launceston.  See more at

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