Artwork For The Darkest Road


With all the hype surrounding the latest project by A Breach Of Silence, we here at Mannequin Republic would like to point out a very important and often overlooked feature of any new album: the artwork.

The album cover for The Darkest Road was created by special request by Romanian artist Gabriel Serbanescu, who also created several concept pieces, including the final album cover for the band’s first album, Dead Or Alive.

A Breach Of Silence wanted to go with the vulture theme as it encapsulated the overall concept of the album, using the scavenger bird as a metaphor for life.  “The album represents dark parts of our lives and also fun parts” the band explains.  “To us, it gives us incentive for the vulture never to get hold of what we hold dearly and that is our dreams of being musicians.”

The Darkest Road is available on Eclipse Records through iTunes and Google Play and physical copies are for sale on the Eclipse Records online store at  Get your copy today!

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