All Right In Adelaide


Virtual high-fives all around to the masses of music fans who came out to support This Fiasco in Adelaide during their two show tour on September 5 and 6.

First they got to party hard on Friday night at the city’s swingingest scene club, Black Market at the Enigma Bar along with Wendy Icon, Aspirations, Emberville and Coves.

The next day on Saturday was an awesome all ages mosh fest at The Colonel Light Hotel where This Fiasco got to hang with Aspirations and Emberville again, plus Our Conquest, All That I’m Asking, Hands Of Hope and Signals.
Both shows were a rad time and we truly appreciate all the fans that came out to see This Fiasco play live.  Special thanks to Ryouko Management and the venues for making it all happen and we hope to see all of you in Adelaide again soon to celebrate the release of the new Long Shot EP.

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