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Tasmanian post-hardcore band Save The Clock Tower have gained a lot of momentum and attention with their first official full length album, Wasteland and the follow up music video to the single “These Diseases.”  To get some greater insight into the band’s success,  Bombshell Magazine asked vocalist Luke Vaessen the tough questions on how it all came about.

The article has been published on the official Bombshell Magazine website, which you can read right now at

In the article, Luke reveals some of the motivation and meaning behind the album, the story behind the cover artwork and the band’s experiences in the recording studio with the blokes at FatLip Studios in Davenport and Five Stone Studios in Launceston.

It’s well worth the read and an excellent insight on the life and times of a heavy music band putting out their first album.  Make sure you check it out right now on Bombshell Magazine.

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