Trouble On The Road


Our Brisbane based scene kids in Road To Ransome recently toured across Australia for their Winter Animus Tour, in which they stopped by Condong, Armidale, Newcastle, Canberra, Wodonga, Horsham, Bendigo and Melbourne.

On the road between Wodonga and Bendigo the trailer the band was using to haul their gear burst open and their gear began spilling out the back end.  What could have been a complete and total disaster for the band turned into an inspiring tale of a good Samaritan.  You can read the account in the band’s own words:

“So when our trailer lock broke today and we lost a bunch of gear, an absolute champ named Chris pulled us over to let us know.  As it turned out, he lived 2 kilometers down the road, so he took us back there to fix/add on a deadbolt to it so we wouldn’t lose anymore gear.

While he did this, a couple of the boys backtracked down the highway whilst a couple of us stayed back. Whilst we called the hire company, Chris made a campfire, got sandwiches, brought out tons of beer and fixed our trailer.

In short, he was an absolute legend. We cannot repay the kindness shown to us today.

I guess if there is anything to learn from this, it’s that you can’t underestimate the generosity of strangers.  If you see people in need, don’t pass by.  They could need your help more than you know.”

A good reminder for us all.  Cheers to Chris and to Road To Ransome for sharing their story.  Make sure you catch Road To Ransome as they play more gigs around Brisbane and Australia this year.

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