Probably A Good Review


Reputations are hard to change and the writers over at infamous music blog I Probably Hate Your Band like it that way.  The entire concept of the I Probably Hate Your Band project is summed up in their name, which, as you can guess, is to give no-holds-barred, direct-to-the-heart, fearless and unfeeling reviews based solely on the music.

Where as most bands cower in fear at a review from I Probably Hate Your Band, if your band has produced an album as good as Wasteland by Save The Clock Tower you have nothing to fear.

The piece written by Erised is a complete and clean dissection of “These Diseases”, the latest featured track from Wasteland and we are proud to say the song passed the inspection with flying colours, garnering a sensational 9 out of 10 overall score.

The review is very well written and covers just about every point possible regarding “These Diseases.”  It’s a great read and we strongly encourage everyone to check it out right now by going to

Have a look right now for some excellent insight and some great quotes, including the summary at the end: “It’s now roughly half an hour after I wrote this review and I am still sitting here in shock. I am honestly dumbfounded just how astoundingly good this is.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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