Cheers In Verona


Massive thanks to Buried In Verona for the two massive shows they put on in Brisbane in July.  A great time was had by all and Mannequin Republic was proud to be on board with the inclusion of two of our local Brisbane bands, Road To Ransome and Bayharbour.

Thanks to the venues, The Lab (5 Hubert Street, Woolloongabba and The Brightside (27 Warner Street, Fortitude Valley) for hosting the events, the presenters at DAL and Kill Your Stereo for putting the shows together and also the great bands we were able to share the stage with, including Antagonist, Stories, Daybreakers and Enfield.

Of course we would like to thank all the fanatics who came out to party with Bayharbour and Road To Ransome as they made their return home to Brisbane after the Winter Animus Tour.  It was a fantastic welcome home party and we look forward to doing it again with you all soon.

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