A Breach Of The Now


Another interview in the books for Brisbane based powercore metal act A Breach Of Silence as spokesman and guitarist Mat Cosgrove spoke to In The Now Magazine on their official website.

Cossie answered a lot of questions ranging from the history the band to their future plans.  Very interesting topics including the band’s first show, recording with Fredirk Nordstrum and Henrik Udd in Brisbane.

Massive thanks to Cossie for representing his band A Breach Of Silence and also giving a shout out to other Mannequin Republic acts like Save The Clock Tower, As Paradise Falls and Bayharbour.

You can read the full interview on In The Now magazine’s website by going to http://www.itnmagazine.com/a-breach-of-silence and checking it out.

In The Now Magazine is an excellent source of interviews, reviews and insight on the local American heavy music and underground alternative rock scene, in case you’d like to know more about what are cousins get up to on the other side of the world.  Check them out today!

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