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The Darkest Sample

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Brisbane based A Breach Of Silence have been hard at work over the last couple months on their second full length album, The Darkest Road, available for purchase from October 7.

To wet your appetite before the release of the brand new album, the band put a little something special on Soundcloud for everyone to hear.  Go to right now to hear the early release samples of 4 tracks off of The Darkest Road.

Stay tuned to for plenty more coming soon for A Breach Of Silence and the release of their latest project.… more...

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New Trinatyde Track

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


One of the many hot announcements from Brisbane metal band Trinatyde has been revealed as the boys plan to release their first single in years on October 1, 2014.

Details of the new track are still vague, however the title was released alongside the announcement.  “Deathplunge” will be hitting online retailers such as iTunes, Spotify and Amazon with radio airplay sure to follow.

Anyone who has seen Trinatyde live over the last several months will know the new track will be worth the wait and should be one of the most anticipated new single launches coming out of Brisbane in quite some time.

Stay tuned to for more details and the latest information on Trinatyde’s official Facebook page.… more...

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Cheers In Verona

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Massive thanks to Buried In Verona for the two massive shows they put on in Brisbane in July.  A great time was had by all and Mannequin Republic was proud to be on board with the inclusion of two of our local Brisbane bands, Road To Ransome and Bayharbour.

Thanks to the venues, The Lab (5 Hubert Street, Woolloongabba and The Brightside (27 Warner Street, Fortitude Valley) for hosting the events, the presenters at DAL and Kill Your Stereo for putting the shows together and also the great bands we were able to share the stage with, including Antagonist, Stories, Daybreakers and Enfield.

Of course we would like to thank all the fanatics who came out to party with Bayharbour and Road To Ransome as they made their return home to Brisbane after the Winter Animus Tour.  It was a fantastic welcome home party and we look forward to doing … more...

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Special Early Release On iTunes

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Fanatics across Australia and heavy music enthusiasts around the globe are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the brand new full length album by A Breach Of Silence set for release on October 7.

To celebrate this monumental second full length project from the Brisbane based powercore kings, there is a special offer available right now on iTunes for anyone who preorders the new album.

By pre-ordering The Darkest Road on iTunes right now you will receive the first 2 tracks off the album for immediate download.  Jump the queue and be one of the first to hear “T.P.N.E.” and “The Darkest Road” before their October 7 release date by going to iTunes right now at  You won’t regret it!… more...

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Sweet Apes Last Melbourne Gig

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


One of Sydney’s premier post hardcore acts, The Sweet Apes, are calling it a day and playing their final string of shows across Australia.  They already wrapped up their Queensland leg of the tour with Mannequin Republic’s own Bayharbour and this Saturday in Melbourne will be your last chance to see them with another Mannequin Republic act, This Fiasco.

Make sure you put your moshing shoes on the Saturday, September 27 for an awesome all ages gig kicking off early from 1:00 pm at Wrangler Studios (8C Whitely Parade, West Footscray).  Entry is only $10 for 6 amazing hardcore, pop-punk and heavy live bands.

Apart from headlines The Sweet Apes and This Fiasco, you can also catch Far Away Stables, Brighter at Night, Set The Score and Half Breed Heroes.  No fan of live underground music will want to miss this one.  Grab your mates and see The Sweet Apes … more...

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