New Noise Review


Just prior to the release of the brand new Wasteland CD by Save The Clock Tower, the disc was reviewed by New Noise Magazine and posted on their official website.  Reviewer Nathaniel Lay did the honours of being one of the first in the media to break in the new album.

The full review can be read at  It’s a detailed breakdown of the first full length album put out by Save The Clock Tower and pulls no punches.  We were stoked to see Wasteland get a 4 out of 5 star rating at the end and the encouraging quotes such as “This is the introduction to a band that could very well become huge in the following years.”

Massive thanks to New Noise Magazine for their interest in Save The Clock Tower and Nathaniel Lay for the time taken to listen and properly review the album.  Well done, mate.

To get your copy of Wasteland head over to the official Bullet Tooth Bandcamp page and download your today at

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