Cheers Ipswich


On behalf of Trinatyde, Mannequin Republic would like to thank each and every one of you who came out to party at the epic Ipswich metal show on June 28.

Massive thanks to everyone at Club Metro (253 Brisbane Street) in Ipswich for letting us mosh and headbang in their venue and also the folks at Vivace Entertainment for organising all the behind the scenes stuff.

For those of you who made the mistake of missing this super heavy gig, you lost out on hearing some really great metal bands such as Azreal, Demodocus, Misguided and SIKNEsinsALVATION who played along with Trinatyde that night.

Extra thanks to the thoughtfulness of the promoters who made it a very happy birthday to Trinatyde drummer “Juice” Andrew Garcia, who had the time of his life partying with all you metal fanatics that made the night incredible.

Look forward to doing it again soon, Ipswich!

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