Lachlan’s Last Dance


On behalf of the band, Mannequin Republic would like to wish Lachlan Avis all the best in his future projects as he has currently resigned from his duties with This Fiasco.

Lachy is a stand up bloke who gives back a lot his local community and has been a part of the underground music scene in Victoria as well as contributing on guitar with This Fiasco.

Not to worry for fans of the band, This Fiasco will carry on with a heap of upcoming live shows in the works and a new recording project heavily rumoured over the past couple of months.  Troy, Nicole, Nigel and Jordan are still running at full force pumping out those crazy post-hardcore and pop-punk inspired tunes you all love, including a recent New South Wales tour with The Sweet Apes.

Lachlan’s departure was announced on April 9 and he has played his last show with the band at one of Australia’s best known live music venues, Musicland in Melborune, on April 14.

Come back to for updates on the great things in store for This Fiasco coming very soon!

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