Early Wasteland Review


Save The Clock Tower’s first ever full length album, Wasteland, is one of the most anticipated Australian heavy music albums to hit the market in the last several years.  After being picked up by American label Bullet Tooth, production tweaks by Will Putney in the USA and countless hours of hard work, Wasteland is finally available to the public.

The first review of the album was published shortly after the announcement of the release date by American heavy music publisher Outburn Magazine in an article written by Dan Sleesor.

The reviewer gives the album a whooping 8 stars and claims it to be well worth while and gives a detailed description of the overall sound and analyses a few of the individual tracks as well.  “It really is refreshing to hear a new band make waves in the metalcore movement, and if there’s any justice, Save The Clock Tower will get the recognition the deserve” Dan says of Wasteland.

The review is published in Outburn issue #75, which you may be able to find at your local newstand.  Make sure you check out their official website at outburn.com and let them know you want to see more on Save The Clock Tower!

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