Dylan’s Thug Life


A sneaky little cover for all you hardcore music fanatics out there.  Road To Ransome’s lead vocalist and occasional vocal cover artist, Dylan Cottee, has released a new little ditty for you loud music lovers to rock out to.

Head over to Dylan’s Soundcloud page now to hear his cover of “Thug Life” by one of our favourite American visitors, Attila, off their latest album, About That Life.  If you like your hardcore with a hint of hip-hop, listen to this rendition of “Thug Life” by Dylan and check out a deeper, heavier side to his vocal range.

Listen to it right now at soundcloud.com/foreverdizzy/thug-life-cover.

Also make sure you come back to mannequinrepublic.com.au and check out the awesome things lined up for Road To Ransome in the near future.

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