Animus in Deutsch


Massive thanks to the German language metal blog Outspoken-zine, for publishing an excellent review of Road To Ransome’s first full length album, Animus in German!

We were not only happy to see another positive review for Animus but to see it reach beyond the typical English speaking markets is very exciting.  If you happen to speak German you can check out the full article at

The article covers the recent history of the band and the change in sound of Road To Ransome from the previous incarnation of the band.  The author has a lot of praise for the sound and scope achieved on this album.

The article was written by German blogger SOSGermany who is a regular contributor to the website reviewing hardcore, deathcore and other various punk and metal albums.

On behalf of the band we thank SOSGermany and Outspoken-zine for their review of Animus and encourage all of you to check it out for yourself if you have not heard it already.  Digital download are available at

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