An Unconquered Success


Mannequin Republic would like to send out a huge thanks to everyone who was a part of the Unconquered charity concert in Toowoomba then down on June 14.  The turn out was incredible and the music even better.

The show was headlined by our very own A Breach Of Silence and featured two more Mannequin Republic bands in As Paradise Falls and Bayharbour.  Very rarely are concert goers treated to 3 Mannequin Republic bands on the same show, so needless to say the stage was on fire with awesome music.

Massive thanks to Kontraband Studios (6 Laurel Street) in Toowoomba for hosting the event and Invictus for presenting the show.  Also the other bands who demonstrated their artistry and made this event so much fun, including Saints Alight, She’s Taken Empires, My Friend The Betrayer and Promethean.

Of course we want to thank our mate Dan, who was the benefactor of this crazy good event.  Dan was left in pretty bad shape after an accident last Christmas and doctors thought he was in for the worst, but being the bloke he is, Dan proved them wrong and is not only surviving, but thriving, even pushing himself to be able to walk again.  We were all glad to be part of such a worthy cause.

Cheers to everyone who came out to party with us and help Dan reach the next step on his road to recovery.  We look forward to seeing all you fanatics in Toowoomba again soon.

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