Thanks Pav


A quick thanks to everyone who came out to see the double Save The Clock Tower headlining event last Anzac day in Launceston.

The hometown heroes put on two awesome back to back shows at The Pav (Lazy Butterfly) in Yorktown Square.  It was a sensational event that truly brought out the spirit of the local music scene and shows that hardcore music is alive and well in Tasmania.

Thanks to the fine folks from The Pav who gave us their venue, not once, but twice, in the same day.  Also all the bands that cranked it up for the 18+ show, including Hounds Of Hiroshima, A Day From Tonight and Zeolite and also the hot young startups that tore up the stage in the all ages show, Turbulence, What Lies Beneath and Burning Horizons.  A special shout out to Interview With An Escape Artist who played both shows with Save The Clock Tower and put on a great set both times.

Make sure you see what Save The Clock Tower are up to right now, hot off their Australia wide tour with Betraying The Martyrs, the release of their debut full length album Wasteland and a brand new music clip, by going to their Facebook page at

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