Reawaken Launched

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Mannequin Republic is pleased to announce that the premier of Bayharbour’s brand new music video for “Reawaken” has been a great success and on behalf of the band we thank each and everyone of you for checking it out.

The video has received a wave of positive media reaction and fan support and has pushed the band another step forward into the spotlight as the prepare for the release of their new EP on June 3.

If you have not seen it already make sure you go to and check it out.  The track is rocking, the atmosphere addictive and the combination forms a true representation of the spirit of the Brisbane underground music scene.

The video was filmed by David Blackley of Her Name is Murder Productions, who are currently in production for the new As Paradise Falls video as well.  The track was recorded and edited by Joel Adams at Gasworks Studios and Doug Clarke at Hunting Grounds Studios in Brisbane.  Mixing and mastering by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings in Nashville, TN.

We encourage all of you to see “Reawken” today and get a taste of the re-debut EP by Bayharbour also entitled Reawaken on June 3.

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