Photoshoot For Falls


Mannequin Republic would like to thank Caitlin Boland of KTB Photography for her hard work on the recent As Paradise Falls photo shoot.  Caitlin has been a long time collaborator with our Brisbane bands, including some of the more notable early images for Road To Ransome.

Caitlin has captured some very interesting and unique images of Brisbane’s heaviest pop-core band and related promotional shots for the new As Paradise Falls project coming out soon.

Also included in the shoot was a series of actor Ryan Hence, who is portraying the central storyline character in the upcoming As Paradise Falls music video, currently in production.  We would also like to thank Ryan for his contributions and applying his most excellent acting skills toward the music video.  We can not wait for you all to see it.

In the meantime check out KTB’s official website at to view her fantastic work and stay tuned for more details on “Equilibrium” by As Paradise Falls.

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