Nice Snaps


Special thanks to Kaitlin Royce of Kaitlin Royce Photography who was on hand for the April 6 Iwrestledabearonce gig in Brisbane featuring our very own Bayharbour, who played an awesome set.

Iwrestledabear once put on an epic show at The Lab (5 Hubert Street) in Woolloongabba along with a host of local bands including Glorified, Caulfield, Revelations and of course our very own Bayharbour.  Shame on you if you missed it, but luckily you can relive the event in the awesome photos captured by Kaitlin on the night.

You can see the photos of Bayharbour on her official Facebook page at  Make sure you give her a like and check out all the other awesome bands she’s snapped in Brisbane.

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