Never Silent 2


Fanatics in Auckland, make sure you do not miss your chance to see two of Mannequin Republic’s hottest bands, A Breach Of Silence and As Paradise Falls as they hit your town for the second ever Never Silent Festival!

This is the first time As Paradise Falls have been in New Zealand and the second event for A Breach Of Silence, so come out and show these Aussies how hardcore Kiwi crowds can get.

Make sure you come out to The Kings Arms (56 France Street South, Newton) in Auckland on Saturday June 7 to catch the action.  Doors open at 2:00 pm and tickets are still available for $35.  Well worth it to see 13 bands rock the stage for this live punk, hardcore and metalcore music event.

Also on the line up will be Dead Dreamers, Lead Us Forth, ‘Til Death Do Us Party, Braves, Grimmace, Selfhood, One Outs, The Visionary, This Disaster, Cast A Cyclone and All Time Bros.  This event is 18+ however underagers are welcome with a parent or guardian.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part As Paradise Fall’s first New Zealand adventure and the return of A Breach Of Silence!  See more here.

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