Mastering Number 2


Brisbane based powercore act A Breach Of Silence have been hard at work early this year writing and refining material for a new album.  Last month they invited world famous producers Fredrick Nordstrom and Henrik Udd down to Brisbane where the Sweedish metal duo personally recorded the new tracks written by A Breach Of Silence.

The recorded tracks are currently in Sweden at at Studio Fredman, the base of operations for Nordstrom and Udd where hardcore heavyweights Architects and I Killed The Prom Queen recently recorded their new projects.

The tracks will be mixed and mastered at Studio Fredman before going out to press with Eclipse Records in the very near future.

Some of the new material soon to be released by A Breach Of Silence has already started to make its way into the bands live sets, so if you want a sneak preview of what album number 2 has in store, make sure you check out A Breach Of Silence live on any of their upcoming shows.

Also stay tuned to for more information on the new album by A Breach Of Silence.

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