Great Gig Gideon


Massive props to everyone who came out to be part of Gideon’s 18+ event at The Crowbar on May 17.  Our American friends proved themselves once again as being one of the toughest acts on the hardcore music tour circuit with a powerful live performance in The Valley.

Of course we are also proud that our very own Bayharbour was invited to be part of the show and went all out as usual with a well received live performance featuring their latest single “Reawaken” from their brand new EP of the same title.

Thanks to Vices, Perspectives, Hand Of The Architect, and Vitals for their contributions to this show and making it something to talk about and special shout out to Misery Signals who are also on tour from the USA and jumped the stage for a surprise performance.

Of course it would not have been nearly as fun without all the fanatics who put down their hard earned money to see this gig.  All the bands put their hearts into it to make sure everyone left happy and we can safely say that this is a prime example of why everyone should come out to see underground music in their area: you never know what you’re going to get.

Also a shout out to Joshua Wessling who won 2 free tickets to the show from Bayharbour as part of a Facebook caption competition run by the band.

Massive props to the folks at The Crowbar who continue to do things the right way and provide one of the best sounding venues in Brisbane.  We encourage all of you to come out and see Bayharbour in your area as they tour with Road To Ransome on the Winter Animus tour.  See dates here.

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