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Our Chemical Friend

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Massive shout out to Sam Walker-Smith in Tasmania who has put up a new guitar cover of “Chemical Friend” by our very own Save The Clock Tower.

Not only does Sam cover the guitar parts but he also gets the bass down as well.  Make sure you check out his work at and give him a thumbs up.

Credit to Sam for his time and effort and props to all you heavy music fans that put out tributes to your favourite bands.  Keep it up!… more...

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Great Gig Gideon

Posted on by Ian Gnatz


Massive props to everyone who came out to be part of Gideon’s 18+ event at The Crowbar on May 17.  Our American friends proved themselves once again as being one of the toughest acts on the hardcore music tour circuit with a powerful live performance in The Valley.

Of course we are also proud that our very own Bayharbour was invited to be part of the show and went all out as usual with a well received live performance featuring their latest single “Reawaken” from their brand new EP of the same title.

Thanks to Vices, Perspectives, Hand Of The Architect, and Vitals for their contributions to this show and making it something to talk about and special shout out to Misery Signals who are also on tour from the USA and jumped the stage for a surprise performance.

Of course it would not have been nearly as fun without … more...

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Photoshoot For Falls

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Mannequin Republic would like to thank Caitlin Boland of KTB Photography for her hard work on the recent As Paradise Falls photo shoot.  Caitlin has been a long time collaborator with our Brisbane bands, including some of the more notable early images for Road To Ransome.

Caitlin has captured some very interesting and unique images of Brisbane’s heaviest pop-core band and related promotional shots for the new As Paradise Falls project coming out soon.

Also included in the shoot was a series of actor Ryan Hence, who is portraying the central storyline character in the upcoming As Paradise Falls music video, currently in production.  We would also like to thank Ryan for his contributions and applying his most excellent acting skills toward the music video.  We can not wait for you all to see it.

In the meantime check out KTB’s official website at to view her fantastic work … more...

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Silence On The Air

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Our very own A Breach Of Silence have been making waves with our American cousins over the last several weeks after being interviewed on New Jersey based show Live Wire the band was featured on two more broadcasts in April.

On April 10 A Breach Of Silence was featured on Myrtle Beach based program Corrupt’s Rock and Roll Palace.  This weekly show features more undiscovered and underground bands than you can handle.  You can hear their live cast every Friday at noon Australian time on Voice It Radio.

You can check out the April 10 edition with A Breach Of Silence at

Two nights later on April 12, A Breach Of Silence was on American radio again as 98Rock Radio from Charleston South Carolina played “Night Rider” on The Ruckus show, which features some excellent hardcore, deathcore and metal bands every Sunday from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm … more...

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Thanks Pav

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


A quick thanks to everyone who came out to see the double Save The Clock Tower headlining event last Anzac day in Launceston.

The hometown heroes put on two awesome back to back shows at The Pav (Lazy Butterfly) in Yorktown Square.  It was a sensational event that truly brought out the spirit of the local music scene and shows that hardcore music is alive and well in Tasmania.

Thanks to the fine folks from The Pav who gave us their venue, not once, but twice, in the same day.  Also all the bands that cranked it up for the 18+ show, including Hounds Of Hiroshima, A Day From Tonight and Zeolite and also the hot young startups that tore up the stage in the all ages show, Turbulence, What Lies Beneath and Burning Horizons.  A special shout out to Interview With An Escape Artist who played both shows with … more...

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