Thanks Iwrestledabearonce


Mannequin Republic would like to thank Iwrestledabearonce for making the long trip across to Australia for their recent tour in March and April.  The band covered a heap of cities across the country, with some great support bands from all over Australia.

Mannequin Republic is proud to have two bands showcased on tour dates for Iwrestledabearonce, including This Fiasco on March 30 for the Melbourne show at the OLP show in Ringwood and Bayharbour on April 6 for the Brisbane show at The Lab in Woolloongabba.

There were great crowds and awesome music.  Shout out to Destroy All Lines and Ash Hull for organising the event the venues for providing a place to play.  And of course thanks to all the awesome bands that came out to perform and of course all the fans who came out and partied down with us and our special guests from the States.  We can’t wait to do it again!

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