A Breach On Livewire


Hardcore underground music fans may already be familiar with internet DJ Lady Spitfire and her show Livewire, but in case you’re not, check out her new weekly podcast on The Indie Authority where you’ll hear all sorts of great tunes and heavy music related talk.

On the March 8 edition of Livewire, fanatics were treated to “Eyes Of The Enemy” by A Breach Of Silence as well as a special interview with clean vocalist and bass player Blair Layt.

In the one on one, Blair talked all things A Breach Of Silence, including the origins of the band name, some inside info on the recording of their second album, secrets learned from Fredrik Nordstrom about vocal warm up and the importance of a healthy diet while on tour.  Special shout out in the interview to another Mannequin Republic band, Bayharbour!

You can hear the full show online right now at http://www.spreaker.com/user/toriphoenix/livewire-with-ladyspitfire-03-08-2014_1.  The interview with Blair kicks in at the 15 minute mark and is well worth the listen.

Special thanks to Lady Spitfire for conducting the interview and all the effort put in to reaching out across the ocean to include local Aussie bands in the American underground music scene.

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