Breach The Lab


Heavy music fans in Brisbane need to brace themselves for another big night in Woolloongabba as The Lab presents another edition of Blowout on Friday night, this time featuring Mannequin Republic’s own A Breach Of Silence.

As Paradise Falls have already done the honors at Blowout and now another Mannequin Republic band will give it a shot as the boys from A Breach Of Silence take things up a notch with a special sneak peak of some new material from their upcoming second album.

Make sure you catch this one at The Lab (5 Hubert Street, Woolloongabba) with Saints Alight, Dire Wolf and Heartwell when it kicks of at 7:30 pm on Friday April 11.  Entry is only $10 and the scene is rocking, so don’t miss out.  See more on our events page.

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